Our human relationships are a direct reflection of how we choose to relate to Divine.  How we deal with others in our lives, including Mother Earth and her creatures becomes enlarged in the spiritual realms.  When we show up with integrity and reverence, all things Divine feel this.  When we approach with greed, selfishness, and neglect, this is also registered.  All that we give out is reflected back to us in our lives, both spiritual and terrestrial.  The skills and understanding that we show in this world translate directly in our communications with Spirit.  When Spirit views us from its perspective, all things get amplified in her eyes.  Just as we aspire to healthy and respectful interactions with each other, so we are called to interact with Divine.

I have noticed a human tendency to want close communication and assistance from Spirit without a good understanding about the sacrifice, patience, and humility that it takes to cultivate those relationships.  In the realms of Spirit, it is apparent that even the subtle ways we do or do not show up in relationship affects balance in others, the Cosmos, and us.  Divinity knows when we evade authenticity, but it is our work to recognize and allow it when Spirit opens those windows to our truer selves.

Because of this, I am an advocate for quality psychotherapy as part of the path of our unfolding.  Although this type of personal exploration is often viewed as adjunct or inferior to spiritual work, it is actually integrated with it and deeply necessary for emotional and spiritual maturity.  Growing our consciousness requires taking a realistic look at our lives, our experiences, our thoughts, and our behaviors and dealing with them in well-grounded, human context.  It also means holding good boundaries for ourselves and others, practicing discernment, and engaging in honest self-reflection.

Spiritual and terrestrial pursuits that are self-serving and disrespectful of the Beloved and all of his cherished god-forms inherently creates asymmetry in the entire Cosmos and all things, including our own lives.  Even when we are not sensitive enough to notice it, our inattentive relationships with the world and the world of spirits are mirrored back to us.  Not because we are being punished, but because Divine loves us enough to show us ourselves and to show us who we are being.  Likewise, when others are approached with respect and sanctity, all things flow toward right balance and the worlds come more into order.

Our relationship with Spirit, with Earth, and with others should not be focused most on what we can get, but on what we can give with sincerity.  And when we are on the receiving end of the kindnesses and generosity of others, solid gratitude is essential.  Divinity gives to us selflessly in order to assist us on our path.  Acknowledging such gifts is imperative in any right relationship.  This is the order of movement.  Anything else stops the forward flow of Love in its tracks.

With love on the journey,


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  1. Haley says:

    Love this Laura! A lovely inspiring message and reminder to start the day.

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