About your session

Sessions are currently offered via Zoom/Skype video call or telephone, and each session is geared toward the nature of the information for each encounter with Spirit. My goal is to accommodate a space for a person to become more aware of and participate more deeply in their unique life journey.

These sessions are intended to support healing, self-understanding, creative process, spiritual awareness, and your personal relationship with Spirit. The information and energies can be engaged in the weeks, months, and years following each session. The language and process of Spirit doesn’t work linearly at the level of the mind, but from a place deeper in our hearts and essence. Sometimes it can be years before certain signs on the path start to connect and make sense. Our life experiences are part of what is guiding us along.

Sessions can be different depending on your needs and the desires of Spirit/spirit helpers at the time. For each full session, I open a healing space specifically for you, and I consider myself a conduit and assistant for whatever Spirit offers. This can be interactive, of course. My prayer and intention is always that sessions be a place of loving guidance, nourishment, and healing; and a place where we can be lifted out of ordinary reality to commune with Spirit. In fact, it is usually beneficial to create a intentional, meditative presence when coming into a session.

With energetic shifts and spiritual growth, we need processing and rest time to integrate and understand the experiences and messages on a deeper level. We go through experiences of expansion and contraction when we engage authentic inner work. Your relationship with Spirit (and with yourself) will grow stronger if you continue to cultivate those relationships on your own. We all really do have distinct energies and medicines with unique ways of bringing them to the world, and those are found by knowing our own hearts and clear minds.

Although spiritual/inner inquiry has similar overarching themes, our path is ultimately specific to us as well. Self-awareness is a huge part of knowing how to read the signs and guidance we are receiving. It is a process of developing intuitive awareness and learning to see the reality as it really is, rather than how we are conditioned to believe. In the West, we overvalue the mind and thinking, but the mind is meant to be in service of the heart. Awareness of the spiritual realms and Universal truth starts at the level of the heart.

Sessions are intended to support spiritual/inner awareness, guidance, and healing work. Although I believe strongly in maintaining our relationships with the ancestors and others, it is most powerful when these relationships are cultivated ourselves because the relationships continue and are meant to remain mutually beneficial. Ancestors do not really tell us what to do with our lives or make our decisions for us, and having demands or fixed expectations is never an advisable approach—especially when we are not generous in those relationships on our own. 

I know intimately the deep pain of missing our loved ones. However, my primary role is as a healer and I do that work on both sides of the veil. If communications with loved ones only is your only interest, you may be better served by someone for whom that type of work is a singular focus.

Consulting with Spirit is a sacred act that we should approach with respect, humility, gratitude, and a willingness to do our part in the work by having an open and sincere heart. This is what all the world’s mystical and indigenous spiritual traditions teach. I take this work and my relationships in the other realms quite seriously and I am bound by ethics in the work. Thus, I do not work with anyone approaching out of curiosity, irreverence, or for entertainment. I ask that you please inquire elsewhere if your inclination is not grounded in a genuine desire for inner spiritual work and growth.

In reality, the spiritual realms do not function from the same values and assumptions in which we are conditioned. Rather, heart and intuition are the bridge to understanding the spiritual realms. It takes practice to suspend our thinking to understand the way Spirit lives and speaks in us and to us. There is also a point where such duality ceases to exist entirely in our awareness, but we still must navigate it as we exist and live in it.

The New Age approach to spirituality and communications with Spirit/spirits is not something with which I align or participate because of its focus on Western culturally-driven (often ego and mind-driven) values and changing and bettering ourselves through one-sided positivity rather than knowing and accepting ourselves and reality more deeply. I prefer cultivating mindfulness, patience, and compassion rather than casting away unwanted parts of ourselves and others and striving for self-improvement in ways that can actually be a form of harm against ourselves and others. The process is actually more about letting go than it is about anything else. A more sophisticated awareness about ourselves, spiritual realms, and reality grows out of stillness and a willingness to understand in expanded ways.

Making our own shadow/depths conscious to ourselves (thus ceasing to project it and act it out) and learning to love ourselves in all of it is what allows us to progress forward, not avoiding it and seeking comfort through spiritual platitudes. In fact, our greatest depth and light is discovered through awareness of our so-called darkness, relating to ourselves in a more spacious way, and exploring where it all leads us. There are gifts in there for us, and darkness is not bad, per se. Rather, it is an important guidepost and portal for us. Spiritual and intuitive work without that kind of integrity is not really spiritual or inner work at all. Because of this, I work best with serious spiritual seekers who are interested in authentic inner work and understand that the process is ultimately up to each individual.

Unfortunately, spiritual inquiry and process is not a panacea for the difficulties of life, but it gives us different tools and perspectives for approaching, coping, and possibly even understanding them eventually. Spirit often works in our lives in mysterious ways, which requires some flexibility and faith in the mystery and wonder of life on our part. We simply cannot hold the vast immensity of Creation in our limited human minds. But we can seek to distill it down into our own lives by navigating the symbols and images laid out in our paths. Life and our own being are always speaking to us. But their goals go far deeper than we might realize. They seek to show us more about Universal truth, which helps us relate to ourselves and to life differently.

Although some mainstream practitioners misunderstand or diminish spiritual experiences, sometimes spiritual practitioners have areas of significant psychological or emotional blindness that can be detrimental to growth and learning as well (any practitioner can have these issues). Spiritual work does not take the place of any necessary embodied therapeutic work because these aspects are all integrated. I believe we are best served by approaching our lives through a holistic but comprehensive lens.

Genuine growth requires honest yet merciful self-assessment and results in deeper grounding into one’s humanity while recognizing kinship with all other sentient beings. The truth is that the only way we can progress spiritually is to do our own deep work. When this work is undertaken with sincerity, a quiet impetus of generosity, fairness, and service rises within and expands our sensitivity, compassion, and appreciation for ourselves and everything around us. The ultimate goal is to live more and more from our authentic self, which directly mirrors the desires of Spirit.

As with any healing or divination work, my job is to help facilitate and support a person’s process, but not to do it for them. Working with any healer, practitioner, or guide is an active, collaborative effort and requires willingness for us to proceed with receptivity, integrity, and ultimately to be responsible for our own experiences. But sometimes we need the steadiness and assistance of community, so it is good practice to ask for and receive help when we need it too. We all need each other. In fact, we couldn’t exist without each other. What happens to one is happening to us all, and that includes our Mother Earth, all beings, and the Cosmos.

My particular work focuses most heavily on the psychospiritual aspects of spiritual opening and healing, including work with spirit beings in a variety of realms, the inner process of Kundalini Shakti/Holy Spirit/Inner Divinity, spiritual development, and divination/guidance from Spirit in its myriad forms. I am experienced in understanding the interplay among body, subtle bodies, mind, and spirit, and I can support a person in the process of awakening to inner self and to the spiritual realities that drive our lives. “Healing” is that very process of awakening. I also offer process sessions for integrating spiritual/healing experiences, spiritual awareness/development, and psychospiritual work. Additionally, I do consult work in healing, the arts, medicine/psychology, education, and business.

Each of us is a unique vibratory thread of Divinity with particular beauty, gifts, vulnerabilities, and challenges. Although the path can be difficult at times, the benefits of engaging heartfelt, spiritual process can be deep, long-lasting, and have profound outcomes for ourselves and our world.

Full Session 60 mintues

May include information from helpful guides in spirit, spiritual development, and/or healing/energy/process work. $295

Intutive Informational Session 60 minutes

This is a session for looking into your specific questions, from an intuitive perspective. $225

Process/Integration Session 60-90 minutes

For integration of healing and spiritual experiences, including psychospiritual inner work, and general healing. $125-$175

Spiritual Development Sessions 4-6 hours/month

Monthly spiritual development work directed at your own spiritual development. I consult with Spirit to develop exercises specifically for you. Includes a consult each month to discuss your experiences and get further direction from Spirit. Application required. $550

Travel Full Session 60-90 minutes

This is a full, in-person session with travel, which may include guidance and information from guides in spirit, spiritual development, and/or healing/energy/process work. TBD

To schedule an appointment please use the contact page form.  Sessions are currently offered Tuesday-Friday, 10:00am-5:30pm Pacific, with necessary adjustments made for large time zone differences. Payments must be received 48 hours prior to your designated appointment in order to reserve your space. In the event that advance payment is not received, the scheduled time must be automatically forfeited. Payments can be made via Venmo or PayPal. Please contact Aimée at for payment details.

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