About your session

Sessions are offered in person, by Skype video, or by phone, and each session is geared toward the nature of the information present at each encounter. My goal is to accommodate a space for a person to become more aware of and participate more deeply in their unique life journey.

Sessions are intended to support self-understanding, spiritual development, creative process, and relationship with Spirit. The information and energies can and should be engaged by you in the weeks, months, and years following each session.

Please note: These sessions are designed for those who are dedicated to earnest inner and spiritual development work. I do not do psychic readings and I do not answer questions about others. It is a violation of a person’s boundaries and my boundaries when I am asked about others. Please refrain from such requests during session work.

I do not offer these sessions exclusively for connecting to loved ones on the other side. It is a small part of the work, and I cannot guarantee anyone’s participation in any session at any time. Please do not expect anyone in spirit to make your decisions for you or give you what you want. That is an insensitive and misguided way to treat those who so generously offer their presence.

Taking responsibility for your decisions, relationships, and for developing appropriate interpersonal skills to navigate those is inherent in this work. It is not a panacea for your difficulties and fears and it does not guarantee a problem-free life. The way that Divinity works in our lives is often mysterious, and a person needs to be willing to develop the flexibility to accept that fact.

Spiritual and personal growth does not always feel positive or easy. On the contrary, it often highlights inner resistance, particularly at the onset. I do not believe in spiritual platitudes as a means for avoiding real emotions and responsibility in our lives, and I do not participate in the popular trend of using spirituality to serve superficial ego and material desires. It is through close examination of one’s human depths that a person arrives at accurate discernment, understanding, and maturity.

I do not practice psychology, but I often encourage and sometimes require this type of inner work as part of spiritual development and healing work. Real growth requires self-awareness, including coming to terms with painful experiences and deep emotions that may have been repressed for years. It also requires honest and balanced consideration of your shadow qualities or tendencies. A skilled psychologist can be a wonderful source of support and understanding during this process.

Although some mainstream practitioners misunderstand or diminish spiritual experiences, many spiritual practitioners have areas of significant psychological or emotional blindness that can be detrimental to growth and learning as well (any practitioner can have these issues). Spirituality does not take the place of therapeutic work. In reality, our spiritual essence is a natural and integral part of us. I believe we are best served by approaching our lives through a holistic but comprehensive lens.

Calling on Spirit for assistance is not for amusement, ego gratification, or exploitation of others. I work from the belief that it is not to be treated frivolously, disrespectfully, or contentiously. If this is your approach then I am not the person with whom you should consult.

Genuine growth requires frank self-assessment and results in deeper grounding into one’s humanity while recognizing kinship with all other sentient beings. When this work is undertaken with sincerity, a quiet impetus of generosity and service rises within and expands our sensitivity, compassion, and appreciation for ourselves and everything around us.

I do not practice medicine. This work does not take the place of medical advice and should not be sought in lieu of medical advice. Although I believe strongly in the body-mind-spirit connection, I do not negate sound medical advice as an important part of a person’s health. I do not engage in medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment and I do not make referrals. It is up to each individual to make decisions about the practitioners they consult in any area.

As with any healing or divination work, my job is to help facilitate and support a person’s process, but not to do it for them. Working with any healer, practitioner, or guide is always an active, collaborative effort and requires willingness for a person to act with honesty, integrity, and take responsibility for their own health, experiences, choices, and life.

Each of us is a unique vibratory thread of Divinity with particular offerings and challenges. My intention is to help encourage you in exploring and nurturing that in yourself.

I do not engage in session work or answer questions via e-mail or text, and I do not receive text messages. If you would like to ask me a question please schedule an appointment.

Full Session 60 mintues

May include information from friends and guides in spirit, spiritual development, mind-body-spirit, and/or healing/energy work. $275

Healing/Process Session 60 minutes

Healing/energy work and/or spiritual development/process work. These sessions do not include spirit communication of any kind. $225

Follow-up Session Follow-up 60 minutes

Healing/energy work and/or spiritual development/process work for assimilating information from initial sessions and subsequent experiences. These sessions do not include spirit communication of any kind and are available only to those who have had a full session within the past 3 months. $175

Full Session (with travel) 75 minutes

This is a full, in-person session, which may include guidance and information from friends and guides in spirit, healing, spiritual development, and/or process work. $325

To schedule an appointment please use the contact page form.  Sessions are currently offered Tuesday-Friday, 9:30-5:00 PST. Payments must be received 48 hours prior to your designated appointment in order to reserve your space. In the event that advance payment is not received, the scheduled time will be automatically forfeited.  Payments can be made via PayPal or by check. If using PayPal, please enter the applicable amount from the list above.

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